FORMULA 1 Grand Prix F1 RACING -RC Large 1:5 SCALE Gas/Petrol RC F1: EPIC BATTLE

FORMULA 1 Grand Prix F1 RACING -RC Large 1:5 SCALE Gas/Petrol RC F1: EPIC BATTLE
After several rounds of qualification to set the grid position, the F1 final race of the day started. After a quick 2 minutes of warmup for the drivers to get used to the track and to warm up their tyres they formed up the grid in qualifying order as called out by Dominique over the PA system. 10 second count down was initiated and they were off. An incident packed race saw 2 of the field drop out with mechanical failure and this left 2 drivers battling it out for the lead. It was apparent that being the fastest on the track did not translate to a 1st place. Smooth driving from the leader and making his car as wide as possible to make overtaking almost impossible made for a thrilling battle when 2nd place driver repeatedly tried to get passed and failed. Awesome and compelling to watch. Thanks to the hospitality of the SERCCC crew, the drivers but especially Mark and Dominique.

Filmed at Brooklands Track, home of South East RC Car Club by Dom Mitchell for the ‘Essential RC’ YouTube channel using the Panasonic AG-UX180 Pro 4K camcorder at 4K 60fps.

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