1500HP Brabham F1 BMW Turbo! – MOST POWERFUL Formula One CAR!

In this video you’ll see the most powerful Formula 1 car ever that participated a qualification. It produced at least 1500HP at the testbank, but due to the fact that testbanks at that time were not able to measure forces above 1500HP they had to stop increasing the turbo boost. They literally pushed the BMW M12/13 1.5L engine to limit as after one qualifying sequence they had to rebuild it again. It was common that the F1 teams had two engines for one race weekend. One for the qualification and one for the race. The race engine was then limited to only 850HP and it was reliable too.

Brabham BT52 F1
Engine: BMW M12 1.5L
Power: 1500HP
Weight: 540kg

I spotted this amazing machine during the Historic Grand Prix 2017 at Circuit Zandvoort. Sadly some minutes before the F1 legend appeared it had rained very hard, so the track was still wet. Shortly before the end of the demo the exhaust was finally hot enough to spit some flames. I was very pleased that I was finally able to see this monster in real life after all the stories I had heard!

Link to related video: https://youtu.be/nQh3kQT5CQc

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Enjoy the video!

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